Once Upon a Wine Episode 87 – Menage a Quatre AKA Things Get Awkward

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Once Upon a Wine is BACK for Part 2 of their conversation with their editor/producer and the host of Everything is Awesome, Kevin Gallagher! Ace asks an awkward questions, but it’s not who you think would have and immediate answer (or is it?), shots are fired at the concept of “shipping”, which SwanQueen is immediately defended– but CaptainSwanQueenSandwich is declared the winner. Oh, and Kev finds something nice to say about Once Upon a Time.

Drink because I’m pretty sure we’ll all drunk for part 2.

All this and more fairy tales on Once Upon a Wine!

Be sure to check out the podcast Kev hosts, Everything is Awesome. He sits down with his awesome guests to talk about awesome things (buried in the conversation is an awesome interview). If you’re in the Philadelphia, Pa area on Sunday August 21st, 2016, check out his podcast LIVE! He’ll be performing as part of The Philadelphia Podcast Festival at Tattooed Mom (on South Street) at 2:00pm EST! Kev’s bringing Late Night (in the afternoon) to podcasting!

Once Upon a Time will return for Season 6 this fall, starting September 25th, 2016!
Once Upon a Wine available for download Thursday’s by 12:00 pm PST (ish)!
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